Food for Good is a social Chart Australian Dollar to Swiss Franc entrepreneurship project started in 2011 by a team
of three people Anna, Martina and Chiara. The idea came up when a member
of our team used to work for food related businesses in London and witnessed
how much unsold food was thrown away every day. When discussing this
issue, we thought that we could do something to solve this problem and
actually make an impact.

Food for Good has many aspects and invents itself in many ways; we care
about the environment and social issues willing to improve our society
aiming to communicate and inform people by sending the right message.

As a charity organisation Food For Good aims to reduce the amount of food
waste by donating it to charities and avoiding it going to landfill.
We transport daily unsold and perfect eatable food from local restaurants
to local charities, which nowadays are facing hard times due to the
budget’s cuts. Our projects has been awarded by UnLtd* with 2000£ giving
us the chance to run two weeks Australian Dollar to New Zealand Dollar trial to experience first hand the amount
of work to face. This was a great achievement for us bringing to the table
more and interesting aspects to be considered and improved. Food waste is
not only a social issue, but an environmental one, it effects everybody!
Statistics show that 10% of rich countries' greenhouse gas emissions come
from growing food that is never eaten.
Food waste is not only a social issue, but an environmental one,
it effects everybody! Statistics show that 10% of rich countries'
greenhouse gas emissions come from growing food that
is never eaten.

Food for Good takes on board all these important issues creating
a concept empowered by our design and communication skills applied
to the project in many different ways. We design and manufacture
products in a sustainable way by using recylded materials, which
are sold during events and on-line shop to support our good cause.
Food For Good also organises events to which people are invited
to take actions to the problem and improve their behaviours towards it.

Our purpose is to educate people towards food waste issue aiming to
embrace the problem from different angles trying to change attitudes
reaching big businesses and try AUD/USD to involve  them on a big scale.

We are a great team, we are passionate about our project, we love
working together and we absolutely care about food and our

Food For Good
Let's make it better, let's make it good!

The Team

You can get in touch with us at
and share your thoughts, we are open
to collaborations and suggestions.

The Trial

The first step to make an idea work is to try it. Thanks to our first award we have been able to test our idea on the field. The two weeks trial required a lot of work in finding companies willing to take part of it and connect them together. One side we need Food related business willing to donate their food at the end of the day and on the other the side we need charities to take the food in their kitchens. We rented a van and transported the surplus food from small supermarkets / restaurants and donated it to a Salvation Army’s hostel. We managed to save 500Kg of food during the trial. For the first time these companies were involved in this kind of project and it took time to coordinate them and make it work. Every step forward we took we learnt something extremely important and useful which will benefit Food For Good project in the future developments. Watch the Trial Video Let’s save some food tonight

Food For Good Event – A New Dining Experience

At the end of the two weeks trial Food For Good set up an event called a New Dining Experience inviting all the people who made Food for Good project possible. One hundred guests, three chefs form Carluccio’s, who prepared a delicious dinner made with surplus food and some good live music were the ingredients of the night. The event was not just celebrating Food For Good and our great achievements but it was also a moment to think about food waste issue inviting a special guest, Tristam Stuart, an expert about food waste giving a talk about the huge scandal about food waste. We were happy to show our project to the public and demonstrate how much good can be done with just a bit of thinking. The event was hosted at the London College of Communication’s canteen entirely branded by Food For Good. Watch the Event Video A new dining experience Tristram Stuart, author of Waste www.tristramstuart.co.uk A New Dining Experience directed by Lightgeist Media

To buy one of our products simply visit
All the profits will go towards the transportation
of the food!

Food For Good is now in partnership with FAO
and part of the Save Food Global Campaign.
Food For Good thanks all the Organisations,
Companies and Friends that made this project happen.

Welcome on board!
Food for Good is happy to get in touch with you!

Get on two wheels and become a Food for Good Volunteer,
by signing up to this page you can take a concrete action
toward food waste issue and do something good for
our environment.

Food for Good will inform you about the next step.
Thank you for your support!





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